TKC Revisited #20: Behind the Scenes of TKC: Part 2, Episodes 20 and 21

TKC Revisited: Behind the Scenes of The Katniss Chronicles: Part 2, Episodes 20 and 21

The creators of The Katniss Chronicles will be counting down to Katniss' final stand in Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part II this November with the re-release of its entire 61-episode run. Stay tuned as the cast and crew air new TKC Revisited audio journals every Tuesday, providing a behind-the-scenes commentary on that week's episodes.

In this installment of TKC Revisited, listen in as Executive Producers Barbra and Bryant Dillon and Tony Caballero, and Dialect Coach/East Coast Director/Voice of Finnick Odair Paul Pakler share their memories and anecdotes from TKC: Part 2, Episodes 20 (Aim for the Heart) and 21 (The Calm).



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Bryant Dillon
Barbra Dillon
Paul Pakler
Tony Caballero


Directed by: Sam Rhodes
Executive Producers: Tony Caballero, Barbra Dillon, Bryant Dillon, Rebecca Lear, and Sam Rhodes
Produced by: Barbra Dillon
Head Writer: Tony Caballero
Staff Writers: Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes
Edited by: Bryant Dillon
NYC Director, Dialect Coach, and Capitol Dialect Created by: Paul Pakler
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Episode Photo by: Bryant Dillon


"The Hanging Tree," Written, Performed, and Produced by Scott Emerson of Heart of Gold

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